5 Best Electric Razors Reviews & Buyers Guide

Men need razors to keep their faces glowing. Working schedules are hectic & one doesn’t have enough time to manually shape & shave the beards. So, thanks to Electric Razors. Today, we will list down 5 Best Electric Razors available in the market and also, you can choose from various ranges of razors suitable for your skin & face.

5 Best Electric Razors Reviews & Buyers Guide
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Braun Series 7 790CC 

Braun is considered as one of the Best Electric Razors available on the market. This is designed & produced by German Tech industry& also listed in today’s 5 Best Electric Razors. This particular series of the razor is most sold in the market.  The razor gives smooth & soft shave than any other razors. It has unique features and it also includes three trimmers. Two trims are known as “OptiFoil” & one is known as “ActiveLift.” The difference between the two trimmers is OptiFoil covers more hair with fewer strokes while ActiveLift cuts less hair. This razor produces almost 10000 vibrations per minute which remove facial hairs fast and also shave smoothly. 
Braun Series 7 790cc:  
  1. Weight-200 gms
  2. Wet/Dry-No
  3. Nature: Foil
  4. Display: LCD
  5. Clean & Charge Station: Yes
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Flexible & Head Pivot
  • High Quality
  • Automatic Cleaning


  • The absence of Wet & Dry Technology

Braun Series 9 9095CC

Again on the list is Braun & it is listed in today’s 5 Best Electric Razors available in the market. It is one of the most preferred brands launched by Braun & it is covered with high-quality shiny plastic that looks attractive. The razor has all similar features & looks & it is one trimmer known as “Direct & Cut”. This razor helps in shaving smoothly & easily. It also possesses one more advanced trimmer known as HyperLift Trimmer which has replaced ActiveLift Trimmer. These trimmers help in removing hairs easily.
Braun Series 9 9095CC:
  1. Weight: 250 gms
  2. Wet/Dry: Yes
  3. Nature: Foil
  4. Display: 12 LEDs
  5. Clean &Charge Station: Yes
  • 40000 cross shaving actions
  • Wet & Dry Technology 
  • Smooth Shaving
  • Three trimmers
  • Poor quality,
  • Expensive

Panasonic ES-LV95

Whenever we hear about any electric product, Panasonic is one of the tech giants we remember. Panasonic has also made a good name in producing & designing electric shavers which provides one of the best & finest electric razors on the market. So, Panasonic ES-LV95 is one of the Best 5 Electric Razors available on the market.
This is little expensive since it possesses best features for the finest & smooth shaving. It provides extremely clean as well as soft shave to glow the skin. LV95 comes with long-lasting battery & also possess inbuilt screen somewhat like a gimmick which is extremely useful for shaving well. It has royal amenities for the best shaving but it can be harsh and rough in the beginning.
Panasonic ES-LV95: 
  1. Weight: 180-200 grams
  2. Nature: Foil
  • Excellent display of complete guide information
  • Cleaning station 
  • Simple & easy-to-use
  • It acts roughly on sensitive skin
  • Razor has weird & loud noise

Philips Norelco SenseTouch 3D

This particular shaving product is considered as one of the best rotary shavers for the head as well as a beard. Hence, it is today listed in Top 5 Electric Razors available in the market. The shaver has 3 basic independent foils that move around the face thus cleaning well the hair. The razor head is known as GyroFlex 3D as it has 3 dimensions on the head. SensoTouch 3D is advanced razor which is fast as well as powerful shave.

Philips Norelco SenseTouch 3D:

  1. Weight: Approximately 2 Pound
  2. Wet/Dry: Yes
  3. Nature: Rotary
  • Tri independent foils
  • Wet & Dry Technology
  • The top of the razor moves 3 dimensions 
  • Comfortable & provides close shaving
  • Expensive Parts
  • Fixed Battery
  • Chargeable only with the help of a dock
  • Poor quality due to plastic as well as rubber

Panasonic Arc 4

Next, in the Top 5 Electric Razors is Panasonic Arc 4. When it comes to electric products, one thinks about Philips or Panasonic. Panasonic has again designed marvelous electric razor for smooth & soft shaving Arc 4. This particular razor has unique as well as latest features same as latest Arc 5. It can be charged with a cord. The blades available in the electric razor are advanced & sharp which gives you smooth as well as clean shaving. The razor has high durability and long lasting battery and it can be charged with only 40 minutes while others are charged in 50 minutes. 
Panasonic Arc 4:
  1. Weight: 180-200 grams
  2. Wet/Dry: Yes
  3. Nature: Foil
  • Reasonable prices & high durability
  • LED Panels that keep the battery as well as motor speed updated
  • Not easy to use & uncomfortable to use
  • It has no cleaning & charging dock
These were some of the 5 Best Electric Razors that provide clean, smooth & comfortable shaving. Easy to use and varying features attract customers.

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