Best Air Purifier Reviews to buy in 2018

Best Air Purifier Reviews to buy in 2018

It is very necessary to live a healthy life, especially in the technology age. We are surrounded by hundreds of gadgets and electronics which simplify our daily life but at the same time cause air pollution too. It is quite a confusing task to select the best air purifier for your home as there are numerous brands out there marketing their air purifiers with cool features.blacks-honeywell-air-purifiers-ha300bhd-64_1000

Air purifier keeps the air pure by removing the toxic chemicals and harmful particles. Some of the air purifiers just boast of having best features but when we buy them, they consume much of the power and do not fully purify the air fully.

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An air purifier is an important gadget which should be present in each home. We should inhale fresh air which keeps us free from diseases. In today’s times when we are gifted with modernized electronics, the environment tends to become polluted with the harmful chemicals and toxic particles released from these gadgets.

Let us discuss the best air purifier which you can buy for your new home, prices, and features in detail.


At number 1 on the list, it is Honeywell. This is one of the best brands of air purifiers available on the market today. The air purifiers manufactured by Honeywell contain HEPA and Carbon Filters which can eliminate the pollutants from the air making it pure for inhaling. These products work up to a large space. It can also remove dust particles, smoke, and bad smell.

Honeywell air purifiers come with the timer option so that each time you will not have to worry to switch on and switch off the air purifier. They contain speedy turbofan which can quickly clean all the particles and dust from the air making it pure. If you are working women, Honeywell is the best air purifier for you which saves time and can be accommodated easily in any corner of the home.


The next on the list is Rabbit air purifier which is specially developed for large spaces. It consumes less power and it is affordable in prices. There are filter options which you choose to purify the different kinds of particles and chemicals from the air.

This air purifier purifies the air completely and makes it fit for breathing. It also contains an indicator to show you the working of the air purifier. Rabbit air purifier can remove the dust particles, germs and bad odors from the environment.


The list of best air purifier is not complete without the name of Airmega Air Purifier. This air purifier is unique in function. It can be operated with the help of Android and iOS devices from all around the house. Airmega air purifiers consist of air quality monitoring to check the pureness of air around you.
There are HEPA and Activated Carbon filters in these air purifiers which can quickly remove all the dust particles from the atmosphere. It can reach up to a distance of 1,256 sq. ft. purifying the air. Although it is little expensive, it is the best product for your home.

Alen Breathe Smart

Alen Breathe Smart is one of the most famous brands in the market manufacturing world-class air purifiers. It has HEPA filter which purifies the air up to 99.9% and quickly removes all the dust and pollutants. It also covers a large space in the house and you can buy it at affordable prices.
Alen Breathe Smart air purifier is perfect for smart women who lack time for every activity. It is very small in size making you less worried about its maintenance and accommodation. This air purifier has a smart sensor which detects the air pollutants in the environment quickly and adjusts its fan. The night mode in this air purifier will produce less noise and light.


The last one on the list is Winix air purifier. It consists of HEPA and Carbon filters, pre-filter and PlasmaWave generator. These tools will effectively clean the air by eliminating all the air pollutants in no time. It removes all the pet hair from the atmosphere which can cause harmful allergies to the members of the family.
The light sensor will make the lights dim at night while you are asleep. There are other sensors which remove the bad smell from the house and also the pollutants which are harmful to breathing.
Now, when you have these air purifiers on your list, you can go for any 1 from the above 5. Winix air purifier is the best air purifier of all brands because of its different features and low cost. It does not need much care and maintenance and requires less space too. However, the choice is yours as to which air purifier you should go for.

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