Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards & Trusted Reviews

A great gaming keyboard is a must if you love playing video games on your PC. It is ought to be the best friend of any gamer. The finest keyboards with mechanical switches enhance the gaming experience of a user. Despite the fact that you have got an awesome PC controller, anyone who plays FPS games on their PC is going to need a good peripheral setup, that is, a top quality gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard.

Best gaming keyboards & trusted reviews
Best Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are particularly meant for the purpose of increasing your gaming experience. The quality of the keyboards varies from type to model and brand. After conducting a good amount of research and tests, I have finally come up with the top 5 gaming keyboards & trusted reviews, as well as compiled them into the list for your easy pick. So here, it goes:

• Corsair K70 Rapidfire:

Corsair’s K70 keyboards were launched back in the year 2013, and since then, I have been a really good fan of it. The simple industrial design of this keyboard provides a sheer pleasure when it comes to usage. The mech-switches come in combination with RGB LED back-lighting and multiple Cherry MX options. The keyboard has got a simply brushed aluminum base that in turn offers a robust appearance to the device. The Rapidfire edition of the Corsair K70 is certainly one of the best picks for any hardcore gamer.

• Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum:

If you do not prefer the different shades of Cherry MX switch, you must opt for this Logitech one for it features its own Romer G option. These switches may apparently be a little shallower. The simple yet elegant design of this keyboard with mech switch provision stands out to be one of my favorite options on the list.

• Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS:

It is one of the best compact gaming keyboards. It has got the provision of smaller keyboards as well, but in those sets, the numpad at the right seems to be missing. Of course, the design remains compact, but at times, you may feel the necessity of those sacrifice keys. It has also got LEDs available under all the keycaps. It uses modifiers on the function keys.

• Razer BlackWidow Chroma: 

It is one of the top sold keyboards of all time. The whole of it is made of plastic, but the major upside of this device lies in the fact that it consists of a wide range of features that in turn, makes it as a viable option for the gamers. It would be the appropriate pick for such gamers who value style while gaming. The colorful illumination and easy, comfortable typing experience make it a must-buy for the gaming enthusiasts.

• Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M:

If you are looking for a simple, standard and strong keyboard without any flashy designs or glossy finishes, this is to be the best suite for you. The minimalist yet standard design, backup illuminated option and high-quality usability make this newly constructed keyboard a handy one to opt for!
I have carefully gone through trusted reviews, user experience, brand reputation and well-known tech magazines to create this content. Hope you like it!

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