Top 5 Best Hoverboard Reviews – 2018

Many a time, we wish if we would have wings to fly in the air. Life has been so amazing if we had some really easy means of transportation just like birds. But, it is just imagination and we will look in the real world. Skateboards give us immense fun and make us energetic to do any task easily. Similarly, hoverboards have become one of the most favorite sports of teenagers in the recent times. The best hoverboard will not make you happy but also give you zeal and energy.

Best Hoverboard
 Best Hoverboard

It feels simply great to slide on the smooth road on hoverboards. You can jump high in the air like a free bird giving yourself enormous joy. But, the quality of hoverboard also matters to a great extent as the poor quality hoverboard can cause injuries on all parts of your body. Look at some of the best hoverboards in the following list and choose one of your choices.

1. Spadger Scooter

At number 1, it is Spadger scooter which gives a good balance to the rider. It has fantastic looks as well as functionality. It is the best hoverboard in terms of price also. This scooter goes high in the air. 

•  It has a good battery which can run for longer period of time and charges at a good speed. 
•  Spadger Scooter can handle heavy weight.
•  It has beautiful LED lights so that you can ride it at night also.
•  Ideal for kids, youngsters, and teenagers. 
•  This hoverboard has speakers by which you can listen to your favorite tracks from mobile or tablets. 
•  It is certified battery and motor which will give you full safety even if your ride on rough surfaces. 


The next hoverboard on the list is VEEKO which is available at affordable rates. It has a speed limit and battery too. You will actually have a great experience with riding this hoverboard. 

•  It has a battery which can run for 4 hours and more. 
•  It can take weight up to 225 pounds and so a fat person can enjoy riding on this hoverboard.
•  The colorful LED lights will help at night. 

•  The tires of this hoverboard are so smooth that you will easily ride it on any rough path, grass area, and sandy land. 
•  It also consists of speed alarm so that you can quickly know your speed. 
•  VEEKO hoverboard can give you a good sports time and entertainment.

3. TOMOLOO Scooter

If your parents are always worried when you go for riding on a hoverboard, you can now choose the best hoverboard which fulfills the criteria of safety. It is one of the best products for kids and teenagers. 

•  This scooter has a dual motor which will give the speed of 10.6 mph. 
•  Tomoloo scooter will easily run on any surface and road without worrying about getting wounded. 
•  The tires of the scooter are of superior quality to give you a good ride. 
•  It also goes smoothly on any road even in rainy season. 
•  It has an innovative design which will give you a passion for riding a hoverboard even more. 
•  There are Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music.

4. LEVIT8ION Hoverboard

If you want a variety of colors in hoverboards, LEVT8ION hoverboard will serve the purpose. Smart in looks and design both, this brand is specially made for kids and teenagers. 

•  It has a good battery which can run up to 13-mile without any difficulty of losing its power. 
•  You can take this hoverboard anywhere whether it is a sandy beach or a grassy park. 
•  It is reasonable in prices. 
•  The battery can be removed also.
•  There is a unique feature of LCD which shows the amount of speed. 
•  Bluetooth speakers to enjoy favorite tracks from mobiles.

5. Skque

The last product on the list is Skque. It has smart looks, colors, and designs. Whenever you will take this hoverboard in a park or a beach, everyone around you will definitely love watching it. 

•   It can take the weight of about 265 pounds.
•   You can ride up to 13 miles by charging a battery one time. 
•   LED lights especially for night riders.
•   This hoverboard will go perfectly on uneven surfaces, rough patches of land and grassy parks. 
•   There are many vibrant colors which you can choose. 
•   It consists of wireless speakers to enjoy all your favorite songs from the mobile phones while riding.

So, we had an outlook of all the best hoverboards that are available in the market recently. But, you have to select one best hoverboard for yourself which is LEVIT8ION which has ideal features, design, colors, tires, functionality and much more. We can also call it a reasonable product and can go without any difficulty on any surfaces. Love the hoverboarding experience with LEVIT8ION. 

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